28 Jul

Wink is a book that touched my heart. I enjoyed the humor and blinked back a few tears from tender scenes created by the author, Rob Harrell. As a seventh grader, Ross has enough teenage angst to deal with before finding out he has eye cancer. He wants to fit in with his peers, blend in with everyone normal, but the eye treatments force him to stand out. Just when he thinks he couldn’t be more embarrassed, another side effect pops up to draw more attention his way.

Since Ross is an artist, sketches of his funny cartoons are scattered throughout the chapters including a comic strip of Batpig, a superhero who relates to his problems. The humorous drawings help to lighten the heaviness of the topic and will appeal to middle graders.

Rob Harrell used his own experience with this rare cancer to write a realistic and poignant story that captures the conflicting emotions of a teenage boy trying to survive his circumstances. This is a wonderful book for teens to read to show no matter how hard life can get, there is always a way to get through, pursue their dreams, and strive to laugh.

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