28 Dec

Ellie’s adventure begins when she discovers her father’s company may be in jeopardy of being taken over by another in Asia. Joining her mother on a trip to Hong Kong, Ellie and her younger brother Kipp are determined to solve the mystery and save her father’s job, so they won’t have to move. 

Ellie is a charming girl with a lot of spunk and a clever mind who loves her brother even though he gets on her nerves sometimes. She is a fun character to follow as she solves clues and at the same time learns about her heritage and Chinese culture. 

I loved the way author Lee Miao weaves historic details of Hong Kong throughout the story. Wei to Go is a unique mystery that will capture the attention of middle-graders. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the Ellie & Co. series.

Wei to Go!: An Ellie & Co Book: Miao, Lee Y: 9781950169672: Amazon.com: Books 

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