17 Jun

That Pesky Dragon was one of my daughter’s favorites. I miss the days when my kids were young, and we curled up together on the couch to read piles of picture books. This one is worth a trip to the kid’s section of the library even if you don’t have little ones. I might just splurge and buy a copy.

“Izzy’s dad had a farm. And on that farm there was a herd of cows…a flock of sheep…some chickens…two dogs…three cats…and a dragon.” The fire-breathing dragon causes chaos on the farm; his breath hard-boils eggs and turns their cow’s milk to yogurt. And he won’t go away.

Julie Sykes’s writing is delightful and yummy; like Izzy, I want to meet this dragon that Grandpa calls too dangerous. I want to turn pages. The vibrant color and style of the illustrations is perfect for the story. Melanie Williamson captures the animals with simple shapes and fun details to hunt for, like the cow juggling milk cartons.

Don’t be surprised, if at the end of the story, your child asks for a pet dragon…that pesky dragon is too cute! Amazon / That Pesky Dragon

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